March 20, 2020

Open for Business but

Physical Office Will be Closed


Due to the precautions in place to prevent the spread of Corvid-19, our physical office will be closed as of Monday, March 23. We will continue running moving and storage operations from a remote office until such time as the State may determine to shut down non-essential businesses.


You can contact Lucy at the same phone number (603-536-1363) and email address (


March 19, 2020

Covid-19 Response for 

RJ Crowley Moving & Storage


We are deeply committed to maintaining the health and safety of our customers and crew during this unusual time. In an effort to fully meet our responsibilities, we are implementing the following steps:




Customer Responsibilities
Prior to any move our staff will contact the customer to ensure that:

  • All members of the household are symptom free

  • None of the members of the household have knowingly come into contact with individuals who are suspected of being sick or have been tested for Covid-19

  • No individual residing in the household to be moved has had the flu or shown flu-like symptoms within the four (4) days prior to the move date

Failure to properly inform our staff will result in services being terminated.

RJ Crowley Responsibilities

The majority of our customers are senior citizens. It is our responsibility to ensure that our staff is not a transmission pathway from one customer to another. Additionally, our vehicles and warehouse do not act inadvertently as a means for the virus to be transmitted.


Along these lines, every member of our staff is authorized to call a "hard stop" to any move should they suspect that the environment is compromised, or any individual in the residence is showing flu-like symptoms. Any personal property already loaded on our vehicles will remain on the truck and be returned to our yard. This property will not be delivered until verifiable proof has been provided that the individual in question has received a negative Covid-19 test and/or the environment has been sanitized.

Finally, individual and commercial deliveries and pickups to or from our warehouse will be accommodated by appointment only.

These are interim steps to get us through this unsure period. We will continue operating our moving and storage services until such time that the governor orders businesses to suspend operations.

Following our commitment to the community we have suspended operations of the retail secondhand store. This is an effort to care for both our staff and community. We hope it will not be long before you can visit again, hunting for a particular item or browsing for an unexpected find.