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Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I pay?

Payment is due at time of service. You may pay with a cashier’s check, personal check or credit card. (Service fees under $500 may be paid by cash.)

All credit card payments will be charged a 3.5% processing fee which goes directly to the bank.


​If you will not be onsite at the completion of your move, you must provide your credit card information to our office prior to delivery.

Any checks returned for insufficient funds will incur additional processing fees.

If you have items coming into storage, you will be mailed a separate invoice for the time it takes to secure your goods into storage (due on receipt) and all storage fees for the remainder of the quarter (net 30). 


What happens if it rains or snows

on the day of my move?

In most cases, your move will be on if it is snowing or raining. If you have been scheduled for less than a four-man crew, crew size may be increased to allow for two men indoors and two men outdoors to minimize tracking in mud or snow. We will also cover furniture while outdoors to protect it from the elements and may provide floor coverings as well.


We may attempt to reschedule if conditions are unsafe due to ice or freezing rain.

It is the responsibility of our customers to ensure that access to both locations are cleared of snow and sanded if necessary. If the crew arrives and conditions are deemed unsafe, we will have to reschedule your move and you will be charged for travel time.

Do I have to empty my dressers?

It is not necessary to empty the drawers of your dressers if they only contain clothing.

Any valuable items should be removed and transported by you personally to prevent  lose or damage. Please do not use furniture as packing containers for unrelated items.

Do I have to empty my filing cabinets?

Vertical filing cabinets do NOT need to be emptied prior to moving.

Lateral filing cabinets DO need to have the drawers emptied prior to moving.

Disassembly/Assembly of furniture?

There are some items that may need to be disassembled to move and then reassembled at your new location. These items may include bed frames, bunk beds, exercise equipment, wall mounts for flat screen TVs, movements in grandfather clocks, and pool tables. We are happy to accommodate, billing you for the additional time. We ask that you mention this at the time of scheduling so we know what to bring for tools.


We can also handle most assembly at your new location, but more complex items, like grandfather clocks and pool tables should be handled by a professional. 

What do I do with flat screen TVs and/or

computer monitors?

All TVs and monitors that are to be moved by our crew MUST be in a carton. If you have the original cartons, that's great. If not, we will package before moving and charge for supplies.

Do I tip? How much should I tip?

It’s always difficult to decide on whether and how much to tip the movers. There are no set rules, so it’s up to you to decide what you want to do based on the service that you received.

Professional movers are expected to be careful to protect your belongings and the walls, floors and doorways of your home. Still, movers, just like any other service provider, always appreciate recognition for a job well done.


Should I provide food and beverages?

Some people do provide beverages (water, sports drinks, sodas, but nothing alcoholic) and food (breakfast rolls, sandwiches, pizza, cookies) throughout the day. This is an individual choice, often determined by the size of your move.


You should also advise the crew which restroom you would prefer them to use, should the need arise.

Do you provide "junk" removal services? 

No, we do not provide “junk” removal services. We maintain a meticulous fleet to ensure the safe and hygienic transport of our customers belongings. We do our best to avoid exposing our crews and trucks to such hazards as pests (i.e. bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, lice, mice) and environmental issues (i.e. filth, mold, fungi, excrement). In fact, if we discover such conditions upon arrival, we will decline to provide service. At RJ Crowley Moving & Storage we view our trucks as shared space and our crews are the fiduciaries of that space, reinforcing the trust our customers have put in us. 

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