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Packing Services

The most time intensive part of a move is the packing. You're used to being surrounded by your things, but when it is time to get them all into boxes they will seem to multiple overnight—especially in the kitchen! If you're short on time or overwhelmed by the task, hiring RJ Crowley to pack your goods may be the solution.

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Full Packing

Successful moves start with proper packing. Let RJ Crowley send an experienced crew to pack your belongings properly. We can do the entire house—closets, cabinets, basements, sheds, workshops—the whole kit and caboodle! Our years of experience will ensure that your goods travel safely.


Partial Packing

If you are confident in packing the bulk of your goods, but concerned about your fragile and/or more valuable items, RJ Crowley can do a partial pack of just those select items (i.e. china cabinets, crystal, large framed prints or artwork, large screen TVs, etc.). We can also handle a single area that seems overwhelming, like the kitchen. Partial packs can often be handled the same day as the move.


White Glove Packing

While RJ Crowley's packing standards are already exceptionally high, there are occasions when even more attention to detail is required. Perhaps your furniture has been procured from cultural centers around the world, you have unique, handmade one-of-a-kind items, a collection of valuable antiques, or your great-great-grandmother's china. We are uniquely positioned to provide the care and protection your precious items require.


As an example, we had a customer who had an extensive library. We were hired to photograph the books in place, carefully pack them, and then unpack them, using the photos to ensure they were put back in the same order.  

Pack and Ship

Bought a great antique on vacation that can't go on the plane? Downsizing and need to get that family heirloom to your granddaughter? If you have just a few items that need to be packed and shipped safely, RJ Crowley can provide that service, too. 

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