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Other Services

While the bulk of our work is in the moving and storage of household goods, the skills and equipment used in these tasks are transferable to other services we can provide.

Crating / Palletizing

Packing a $20,000 painting in a $3 dollar cardboard box with packing peanuts is not prudent and we would not recommend it. Lt RJ Crowley crate and/or palletize your high value, odd-shaped or bulky items to give them the protection they deserve while in transit or storage.  


Holding a crescent wrench while using a hex key to unscrew the bed frame does not sound like fun? No worries, RJ Crowley offers a wide range of assembly/disassembly services. We have the extra hands and the proper tools to get it done. (Certain items like grandfather clocks, pool tables, pianos and other items should be reassembled or serviced by specialists after moving.)


Piano Moves

There are various situations when a piano has to be moved—new home, new room, new owner, donation, or disposal. Whatever the reason, moving a piano goes most smoothly when handled by experienced professionals with the right equipment. Whether a Bechstein upright or a Steinway Baby Grand, calling RJ Crowley is key for your piano move.

Estate Disbursement

Along with the grief of losing a love one comes the overwhelming task of handling their estate, often in a short period of time. Further complicating matters is when items need to be separated for disbursement to various individuals at a later date or shipped to places across the country or around the world. RJ Crowley can aid you in this task, preparing inventories of the various lots and handling pick-up by or shipment to heirs.

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