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Warehouse Storage

Warehouse storage Is often the most economical way to store your goods if you will not need frequent access during the time of storage. We have a 32,000 square foot warehouse, constructed of concrete block and sheathed in metal. It is fully alarmed and monitored for security as well as fully sprinklered and monitored in case of fire. It is not climate controlled.

  • Depending on the size of your lot, goods are secured into wooden crates or in a designated open space if needed.

  • Your goods will be carefully inventoried (and weighed If we pick up) and you will be provided with a copy of the inventory

  • You will receive a storage contract.

  • You will be mailed a statement quarterly. You may remit payment for the full quarter or monthly.

  • If you know of items you will need sooner rather than later, please let the crew know. They will make sure item(s) are at the front of the lot and easily accessible.

Short-term Storage

Many of RJ Crowley's customers are in need of short-term storage. A place to park their goods for a few months while they find their new home, renovate or repair an existing home, or clear out a dorm for the summer.

Long-term Storage

Sometimes you ned to store your goods a bit longer. Whether you need a year to build your dream home or several years while you take that once-in-a-lifetime job in Europe. Rest assured that no matter the duration, your belongings will be safe and sound at the RJ Crowley warehouse.  

  • If you or a third party you've hired will be delivering or picking up your goods, you will need to make an appointment.

  • If you need to remove or add items to your stored goods you will need to make an appointment.

  • There is a $30 fee each time you deliver to or pick up from your storage lot. (This covers inventorying your goos in or out as well as labor to secure your goods to storage or remove your goods from storage and stage at the loading dock for pick up.)

Contractor Storage

RJ Crowley partners with contractors to empty the spaces they need to renovate or repair a home or office. We will pick up the items and safely secure them to storage while the contractors get their work done. We will bill either the contractor or our mutual client, whichever method is preferred. When the work is done, we will return the items to the home, making the experience for the client as seamless as possible

Seasonal Storage

Being in the heart of the Lakes and Mountain Regions of New Hampshire, RJ Crowley is surrounded by many seasonal vacation properties. If you have a residence you only use for a portion of the year and need extra space to store your kayaks or outdoor furniture, or a more secure place for valuable items like flat screen TVs or computers, we can work with you or your caretaker to get the job done.

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