Interior Designers

RJ Crowley works with designers from across the country, facilitating the logistics of receiving, tracking, storing and delivering the items they order for their clients. We work with their items list, reporting delivery, and opening and inspecting items when requested, as well as photographing any damage. We hold the items in our warehouse and deliver goods as needed or in a single delivery. Our crew works with the designer to lay rugs and place furnishings to the designer's specifications.


We have handled a variety of projects for contractors—receiving and delivering furnishings for nursing home remodels, providing storage and access for pick up of furniture for a new hotel, storing very large concrete planters for a downtown beautification, and outdoor receiving and storage of large steel building components. 


Small Businesses

On occasion small business owners may need to accept delivery of product or equipment that requires a loading dock, pallet jacks, or a fork lift to receive. RJ Crowley can receive these items on your behalf and arrange for delivery or pick up by you or your client.

We have also received and stored large items for resale, and as the business receives orders, we will handle the shipping for them.

Individuals, Too

From time to time individuals also need to receive large items. One customer was receiving delivery of a tiny home kit and needed assistance offloading it from a trailer into some pick-up trucks, making several trips over the course of the day. He was happy to have RJ Crowley's assistance as his only other helper was his pregnant wife!