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Interior Designer Receiving


We are the premier choice for interior designers receiving and consolidation needs throughout New Hampshire, facilitating the logistics of receiving, tracking, storing, and delivering the items they order for their clientele.  Our interior designer portal provides real-time notifications of items received at our warehouse providing you actionable information.  Through our portal, please set the inspections rules so we are prepared to exceed your expectations.  Those items subject to a full inspection will generate detailed photos of the condition of the items.  All of which is designed to give you the tools to provide extraordinary service to your clients.


Upon “design day/delivery” our crew will provide white glove services.  This can take the form of neoprene rug runners or even “inside/outside” crew configurations, all per your client’s requirements.  The crew will lay the rugs first and patiently place (& replace) furniture to meet your requirements.


Typically in addition to interior designers, we see contractors, retailers, small businesses, along with individuals who take advantage of this service.


Also keep us in mind for:


  • Storage for kitchen cabinets during renovations

  • During whole house renovations, we store existing items while new furniture is received during construction, all to be delivered when the renovation is complete.


Shipping Services

For shipments that require palletizing and/or a loading dock we offer shipping services.  There is a category that truckers call “Less-than-Truck-Load” or LTL.  This is a volatile market where many sites have a reverse bidding process (each subsequent bid is lower than the previous bid).  The truck carrier will require that the item be on a pallet, weighed and picked up from a loading dock; this is where we can assist you.  After our packing services are complete, we can provide a list of sites and offer assistance navigating this process.  Should you need moving services to relocate the items to our warehouse to start the process, we are at your service.


Call our office for assistance.


  • Freight packing services

  • Ground Freight

  • Air Freight

  • International Freight

  • Loading Dock

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