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Long Distance Moves


Whether you are moving to the next state, down to the Florida Keys, out to the west coast or half-way around the world, let RJ Crowley use our experience to make your dream come true. 

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Moves in the Region

Moves within New England can usually be completed within a day or two. In most cases your goods will be loaded securely by an RJ Crowley crew onto our trucks and delivered to your destination by the same crew.

If you need a few days before delivery, we can often provide storage in transit (SIT), holding your goods on the truck until you are ready to receive them (saving the cost of labor to offload and reload). If you need a bit longer, we can secure your goods to storage in our warehouse. (Additional labor and storage fees apply.)

Moves Along the Eastern Seaboard

We regularly relocate folks to the warmer southern climes. Like regional moves, a RJ Crowley crew will load your household goods onto our truck and one of our drivers will coordinate delivery with you or your representative. We make arrangements with local movers near the destination to help our driver in offloading your goods, helping to keep costs down.

Moves Across the Country

While we have directly delivered to states as far west as Ohio and Michigan, much farther than that and it is not economical for you or us. In such cases RJ Crowley will handle the pick up of your household goods and coordinate with a long-distance carrier who will provide the final delivery within a window of dates.

Moves Around the World

Though it occurs infrequently, RJ Crowley has handled the logistics for international moves. A move to a European village where the truck had to park outside the village and the goods had to be shuttled over a Medieval stone bridge to a hilltop house.


Another customer hired us to palletize and shrink wrap her boxes and baby grand piano in preparation to be picked up and loaded on a ship to Bermuda. Whether you need full service—from pick up to delivery—or just preparation for your goods to be picked up by another carrier, we are happy to be a part of your adventure.

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