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Nobody knows the Lakes Region better than RJ Crowley

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

For nearly 60 years RJ Crowley Moving & Storage has been serving New Hampshire’s Lakes Region from their base in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Their reputation as the premier moving company in the area stands unchallenged and can be attested to by generations of satisfied customers. These customers will tell you, hiring the right mover with the right experience and the right equipment makes all the difference.

Local Knowledge

Recently, a RJ Crowley crew was on the job at a lakehouse on Squam, a home we have visited many times over the years. The crew leader, Jason Gray, had been on site four times over his 30 years with our company. The new homeowner was delighted to meet a walking “historian” of their new home. Their conversation unraveled the series of renovations over the years that transformed the once simple cottage into the now stately manor overlooking the lake. That kind of knowledge is gleaned from repeat service that is a result of a trusted reputation.

Local Resources

Another case in point, a recent move at a lakehouse in Moultonboro, situated on Lake Winnipesaukee. The view was gorgeous, the approach was not. A location that makes for a great view doesn’t always make for an easy move. Having the right trucks for the area you serve is key. RJ Crowley maintains a fleet of straight moving vans, small box trucks and small trailers so we are prepared for virtually any situation. Being local and having the opportunity to visit the site prior to a move allows us to plan accordingly. Arnold Stevens, a 38-year employee of RJ Crowley shared, “From time to time we receive panicked phone calls from national moving companies who realize too late that tractor-trailers are practically useless in the Lakes Region. They call us to help them out.”

But the challenges of the Moultonboro job did not end there. The parking area was a fair distance from the home. This meant that time and effort would be increased due to the lengthy carry distance involved. Once again, a national moving company using a formula-based estimating/scheduling system would not have been prepared for the challenges faced in successfully completing this move.

RJ Crowley addressed the situation by sending a double-sized crew to the job. More men equals less time and less stress on each individual. In the end the price was comparable because the job went quicker, and it resulted in a better outcome for both the crew and the client. Managing member Eric Miller explained it this way, “Employee fatigue is an issue that has to be addressed before the job begins. Employees pushed to or beyond their limits indicate poor management. Exhausted employees are in danger of injuring themselves, other crew members, and the client’s property, each of which is completely unacceptable. Like a world-class athlete performing at the top of their game, our crews make moving your goods look easy—customers don’t always realize the strength and skill involved. Ensuring that we do not over commit our employees makes for a smoother household move all around.” Knowing the details ahead of time allowed RJ Crowley to provide a more accurate estimate, develop a seamless plan using personnel and equipment resources nearby, and minimize stress on both the employees and the customer.

Local Experience

This third example displays yet another reason to go local. Recently RJ Crowley was hired to move a couple from a beautiful farm perched atop a ridge overlooking Newfound Lake. The only way to reach the residence was via a Class VI road (a public way, usually a dirt road, “…not required to be maintained or repaired by the town or kept in suitable condition for travel for five successive years or more.”) This impacts a job in different ways depending on the season. In winter, the roads may not be plowed, narrowly plowed or icy, requiring arrangements to make the road passable, if at all. In the spring, Mud Season often puts weight limits on these dirt roads, requiring a large truck to be parked on the main road and smaller trucks to shuttle goods on the Class VI road. Lucky for us, the only obstacle for this particular job was navigating the steep, narrow road. On the first day we sent two of our smaller vehicles to make the climb up the ridge. On the second day we chose to send only the smallest of our vans to complete the job. Having experienced drivers familiar with the varied terrain in the Lakes Region allows us to handle virtually any situation.

As a local, independent mover RJ Crowley Moving & Storage strives to give movers a good name. We rely on our experienced crews and our reputation for honesty and quality service to instill trust in our customers. After all, it is their repeat business and personal referrals that help keep us moving. If you want a house in the Lakes Region, you should hire a mover from the Lakes Region that knows the Lakes Region. Give RJ Crowley Moving & Storage a call at (603) 536-1363.


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