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A Master in his Trade, Working for You

Left to right: Jason Gray, Gov. Chris Sununu, and managing member Eric Miller of Dragonfly Moving & Storage, LLC d/b/a/ RJ Crowley Moving & Storage following a ceremony at the State House designating Jason as a Master Truck Driver.

On September 9, 2019, Jason Gray, a 30-year employee of RJ Crowley Moving & Storage, was awarded the New Hampshire Motor Transport Association’s Master Truck Driver Certification. He was one of two professional commercial motor vehicle drivers to receive the honor in 2019. Senator Chuck Morse, the New Hampshire Motor Transport Association along with New Hampshire Department of Safety Assistant Commissioner Richard Bailey and Senators Watters and Giuda of the New Hampshire State Legislature were in attendance at the ceremony which took place in the Executive Council Chamber of the New Hampshire State House. Senator Morse read Governor Sununu’s proclamation launching National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Robert Sculley, president of the NHMTA, remarked on the value of the professional driver who is held to a higher standard than most other drivers and the NHMTA Master Truck Driver Certification is a prestigious method of recognizing those professional vehicle operators who have made a career of driving large vehicles and who, by their character, experience and good judgment, have contributed to the community and the safety of the driving public. They serve as role models for the transportation industry. The criteria for the designation as a Master Truck Driver mandates that each driver must have driven for their company for at least one year; have driven for one million accident-free miles or 25,000 hours of accident-free driving; have received no citations within the past three years; and either have performed some meritorious act of selflessness (e.g., helped a motorist in distress), participated in some community service, and/or demonstrated leadership in a program or event that promotes/furthers the transportation industry’s ideals and growth. Each driver was recognized by a State Senate Resolution honoring his service to the community, and given an engraved plaque by Senator Morse certifying the professional designation as a Master Truck Driver. After the ceremony, each driver was also given a personalized NHMTA jacket and shirt.

All of us at RJ Crowley Moving & Storage are very proud of Jason’s designation as a Master Truck Driver and congratulate him on this accomplishment--and wanted to share this news with all of you.

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