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DIY Lake House Decor: Get professional results—do what the professionals do

You’ve seen the shows on television—take an empty house and turn it into the perfect sanctuary, decorated to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Not only is it beautiful, but it is done seamlessly in just a matter of days. How is that possible? You need to know the tricks the pros use.

Go to the source—physically or online

Start by considering a trip to North Carolina to visit the factory showrooms. This hub of furniture making started in 1868 with just six establishments and has expanded dramatically to the point that many of the world’s foremost names in furniture call North Carolina home. You can save up to 60% off the retail price by visiting North Carolina. If you’re looking for top-quality handcrafted furnishings at bargain prices, the concentration of factories, outlet stores and craftspeople in North Carolina (especially around Hickory and High Point) is the place to go. In just a weekend you can find everything you need to outfit your entire home. (Can’t make the trip? Consider ordering directly from the factories’ online stores.)

This direct-from-the-source practice started when New York City designers convinced clients to join them on trips to North Carolina, to see first-hand the decor and furniture being proposed for their homes. The client saved money and the designer saved face, avoiding false expectations as clients were able to see for themselves the exact colors, textures, size and craftsmanship of the furniture. The idea spread like wild-fire, from one urban area to the next, becoming ubiquitous throughout the industry—or at least along the East Coast. Now you know.

Ship to a Warehouse

So you’ve saved a bundle on your purchases. Now what? How do you get your items to your lake house. And to further complicate matters, if your lake house is not your primary residence, how do you arrange to receive multiple shipments, with broad delivery windows, during the week while you are at work—possibly in another state?

The pros have a secret and you should know it—interior designers from around the region and across the country partner with RJ Crowley. Our warehouse becomes their warehouse. They have all their product shipped to the warehouse (over a span of weeks or months) where we have the equipment and loading dock necessary to receive it). We then inspect packaging for any damage, inventory each shipment, and notify you of receipt.

Get White Glove Delivery

What really pulls this plan together is RJ Crowley’s white glove service. When you’re ready for your items, just give us a call to schedule a convenient delivery date. We can deliver everything all at once or select items as you are ready for them.

At our warehouse the crew loads the still-packaged items onto the truck, ensuring they are protected. (For an additional fee, you may request that we open and inspect each package to insure there was no concealed damage from shipping. If there was, we can document with photos. Knowing this ahead of time allows you to arrange for replacement prior to delivery.)

Often times your home may be ready before your yard is, or the weather may not cooperate on delivery day, making for dirty or wet ground. In these instances RJ Crowley can adjust crew size to allow some men to carry from truck to door and some to carry from door to room, preventing tracking on new floors or carpets. We may also lay temporary floor covering in high-traffic areas to minimize any tracking.

Our crew will unload any rugs and lay them down prior to bringing in your furnishings and accessories. All items will be carefully placed in the room of your choice, the packaging removed, and assembled if necessary. The crew will then follow your direction and rearrange your furnishings until you are happy with the flow. The crew leader will ensure you are satisfied with everything, remove all the packing debris, and leave you to enjoy your newly decorated home.

Go for it!

While establishing a second home can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, if you do the fun and creative part and outsource the stress it can be an exciting adventure. Now that you know the secrets of the pros, give RJ Crowley Moving & Storage a call (603-536-1363) and start planning your next adventure!

Go where the pros go—direct to the source in North Carolina and have it delivered to YOUR warehouse, RJ Crowley Moving & Storage in Plymouth NH

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