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Community-minded Clients We Admire -- PAREI

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

PAREI is a not-for-profit organization designed to help the Plymouth community reduce their energy use, conserve energy and produce renewable energy one home and one building at a time. PAREI offers energy consulting, membership energy exchanges, solar assessments, solar PV installations and volunteer opportunities to work alongside others in the community that share a common interest. PAREI is best known for their solar energy raisers where, in the early years of their organization, neighbors helped neighbors install solar water heating systems on each other's homes. Think of it as a modern-day barn raising.

Since that time PAREI has added more services that ultimately increase the community's access (and savings) to solar energy such as building the 121kW solar PV system primarily funded through a renewable energy fund grant located at the Plymouth Water and Sewer and Treatment Plant and starting the NH Solar Shares program that builds community solar PV arrays with charitable funds for the purpose of providing solar bill credits to local income-eligible families. Their goal is to prepare our local community--and hopefully the country-- for a time when energy will become a major financial drain.

Less than ten determined volunteers began meeting in 2003 and created a plan for addressing the need for green energy in a cost-effective manner. PAREI officially became a non-profit organization in February of 2004 and has grown to an organization of over 700 members--including both families and businesses. The initiative takes a pragmatic approach, encouraging people to prepare for their energy future just as they do their financial future.

RJ Crowley Moving & Storage solves an important problem for PAREI--receiving and storing their solar panels and other components. PAREI maintains a modest office space to keep costs down. For a seasonal operation, procuring their own warehouse space would be an excessive overhead expense. Instead, they have access to our warehouse year-round, but only pay for the space and service as they use it. During the winter months, they use little to no space, however during the height of their season pallets of solar panels roll into our warehouse frequently. We have staff on hand eight hours a day, five days a week to receive the shipments at our loading dock. We inspect the packages for any damage that may have occurred during shipping, and notify PAREI of receipt. They can rest assured that their materials are on-site, secure and ready for pick-up when needed for their project.

"Thanks to RJ Crowley Moving and Storage, we are able to provide our solar installation services more efficiently. Having reliable access to warehouse space on an as-needed basis has been instrumental to our success!" said Sandra Jones, PAREI director and co-founder.

Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative works to create a more sustainable and secure community for us all. Find out why we admire their mission and maybe get involved yourself:

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